Our service begins with a free informal phone consultation where we will take your details and decide on the best plan of action for you and your child. If appropriate we will offer your child any of the services listed below.


Initial Assessment

Appointments for an initial assessment can be arranged within the week and these will usually take place in our modern, child friendly clinic. We will begin by taking a detailed case history and then we will carry out a range of assessments (both formal and informal depending on your child's age and their presenting difficulties). At the end of the session you will receive verbal feedback of our observations / assessments and we will discuss our recommendations with you. You will also receive a detailed report within 7 days of the appointment.

Initial assessments usually last for between 60 and 90 minutes and cost £95 (including report).


Regular 1:1 Therapy

This may be twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on need. All our sessions are fun and relaxed and our activities are designed around your child's interests to keep them engaged and enhance progress. We will also provide an individualised programme of targets and activities for you and your child to practise at home to supplement clinic therapy sessions. We will provide all materials and resources as necessary and all targets will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Individual therapy sessions usually last for between 45 and 60 minutes and cost £60.


Review Appointments

We may need to see your child less frequently in clinic if their presenting difficulties can be managed at home through advice and activities. We are always at the end of the phone to answer any questions you may have as and when they arise.

Review appointments usually last for between 45 and 60 minutes and cost £60.


A more detailed report can be provided upon request for a child's annual review or for any other purpose. This will detail all aspects of their speech and language development and will outline recommendations for therapy / strategies and targets.

Prices for in depth reports start at £65 and will be discussed on an individual basis and
agreed before the report is written.







School and Nursery Visits

We feel it is essential that everyone involved in your child's care knows the best way to support the development of their communication skills. School staff are always welcome to attend clinic appointments with you and your child to watch therapy so that they may continue any work in school. We pride ourselves in fostering good relationships with schools and nurseries and when appropriate we will carry out visits / liaise via telephone to share observations and provide advice.

Fees for school and nursery visits will be discussed on an individual basis and will depend on distance travelled and time spent in school / nursery.