Here are some comments from teaching assistants who recently attended our seminar 'Supporting children with unclear speech in the classroom'.

      I found the morning very useful and didn't realize that some sounds didn't develop until 7 years of age!
      An extremely useful workshop. Every section gave me food for thought.
      I found the ideas for helping the children in the classroom extremely helpful.
      Everything discussed gave me confidence to support the children I work with.
      Enjoyed the session and have lots to share with colleagues.
      Very informative and good practical activities.
      Very interesting, really enjoyed it and well presented.



Lynsey has been doing SALT with our Son Alfie for over 3 years. He has improved so so much along the way & very much so in recent months Alfie has built up such a lovely & strong bond with Lynsey. He was only 3 years old when he started to now just turning 7 she has gone through nursery, in her clinic to now seeing him at school. I can't recommend Lynsey enough she is so passionate about getting the best out of your child but in the right manner to suit their individual needs. Alfie improves month on month with her support & advice we can't thank her enough & always keeps us in the loop when seeing him for sessions in school 😊 thank you Lynsey! 

The Smith's 
June 2020 



Lynsey has been supporting us on our journey with our son Isaac since April 2019
Isaac is 3.5 years old and has recently been diagnosed with Autism and has not yet begun to speak
Lynsey has taught us strategies to support Isaac on his journey, she has spent time really getting to know Isaac and engaging with him. Building a trusting relationship in an environment where he is learning and progressing (whilst he’s having fun playing), and showing us how to work him to get the best out of him.
Lynsey has made our journey with Isaac so much better and given us ways to engage with him and enjoy our time together 
Her support is more than speech and language, it’s skills that will help him develop and recognising the signs when he is communicating albeit not yet through his speech.
She has given more confidence as a parent and I don’t believe we would have got this far without her ongoing support
I can’t wait for the day Isaac does speak as I know this will be and achievement that we will done collectively as a team

June 2020 



'We had been looking for a Speech Therapist for our son for quite some time. We found Lynsey to be eager to take on board our concerns and listen and then put these into action without delay. Lynsey could work within school, home or her clinic so we found the service very flexible for our needs and there was no waiting list..we highly recommend the services of Bright Stars Speech Therapy....'

 Karen Entwistle



'I would like to comment on how wonderful Lynsey has been over the past few months with my little boy. He has a speech disorder which is quite severe. He loves going to see Lynsey. His speech is coming along wonderfully, he had just achieved all his targets. Lynsey gives you the confidence as a mum that something can be done. I would recommend Bright Stars Speech Therapy to anyone who is concerned with their child's speech.'

Stephanie and Harvey Barlow.


My son, Callum, has speech therapy at Bright Stars and loves it. After only a few sessions the progress he is making is amazing. Lynsey is skilled, professional, caring, enthusiastic and makes speech therapy fun. I would highly recommend Bright Stars to anyone needing speech therapy.



 We have been so impressed with Lynsey. It's a 50 mile round trip for us, but we feel it is absolutely worth it. Lynsey has listened to us and our concerns and really understands what Ted's challenges are. She goes the extra mile to make sure each session is tailored to capture his complete attention, encourage him and really stretch him. We are delighted to have found Bright Stars!"

Kate and Dan Taylor (son Ted, 3 years old)
November 2013

Max has been having speech therapy sessions with Lynsey since July in clinic and school. During that time there has been a huge improvement with his speech. Max gets very excited when Lynsey comes to school and is eager to show her what we have been practising. Lynsey is very professional and is always happy to help and give advice. I would highly recommend using Bright Stars to anyone –

Rachel and Mark Villiers.
December 2013

Alex has enjoyed the services of Bright Stars both at the clinic and at his school. He always looks forward to seeing Lynsey and considers her to be his friend. He finds the speech therapy sessions fun and doesn't realise how much he is learning, or how hard he is working, whilst he is "playing" with Lynsey. Most importantly, his speech has improved enormously and as a result he is able to make friends more easily, enjoys being at school, has increased in confidence, and is enjoying life to the max.

Our family will always be indebted to Lynsey for her hard work, professionalism, and expertise. We will always be grateful for her genuine compassion for Alex - for understanding his needs and for always being encouraging. Alex may never be able to truly appreciate what a true friend Lynsey has been to him, but we will never forget what a difference she has made to his life and we could never speak highly enough of Bright Stars.

Sue Bentley
January 2015

A year ago we sought help from Bright Stars for our daughter who had quite a severe speech delay. Prior to this we had received very little help and felt that we had no option but to find alternative help. Lynsey has been fantastic, she has built up a lovely caring relationship with Sophie which has brought out her confidence and boosted her self esteem.

Each session is planned thoroughly and targets are set to help your child develop to their full potential. Lynsey has a great deal of knowledge to help you through each step of the way, and has supported us all through this journey. Sophie is now talking which is something I never thought we would achieve. We are so thankful that we found Bright Stars and we will always be indebted to Lynsey for her Brilliant work.

Nicola and Jeremy Nightingale
January 2015

My son Bradley has been going to Bright Stars Speech Therapy for a few months now and he is doing amazing thanks to the sessions he has had so far.

In the beginning he was shy and quiet but very quickly Lynsey managed to win his trust and in no time he started to listen and work well with her in all the activities. During the first few weeks he was struggling to even say a sound, whereas now he can say more than 10 quite easily. He can recognize flash cards with those sounds on them and lately he is even trying to put words together using these new sounds . This is all thanks to the hard work Lynsey has done during the sessions.

Being there during the sessions myself has helped me to understand how to direct his daily routine into small games that make him excited. He is now trying to speak with us at home. Overall it is a real pleasure to have these sessions. My son loves to go there and the fact that it is a private space and that all therapy activities involve different toys and games makes him feel just like home and not like he is in a clinic or office space.
Thank you for your patience , kindness and understanding towards my son Lynsey. He really loves you !

Mr and Mrs Ainsworth
January 2015

Dear Lynsey,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the work you have done with my little boy.

After 2 months of intensive therapy, he has not only rectified all the mistakes in his speach, but he has also grown in confidence. According to his teacher he has completely caught up in school, so much so that he has achieved an award last week for his spelling and writing! Max has been on the NHS waiting list for sessions for around 8 months. After waiting patiently for Max to be seen by the NHS, I am pleased to say that they have advised Max does not need speech therapy. It was surprising for me, now being in a position to compare private to the NHS, that I was shocked at the difference in facilities and standard.

I would strongly advise anyone that is looking for speach therapy for their child, that they seriously consider private sessions. Certainly 100% private was best in my case, however even if only a few sessions can be applied it will certainly make a massive difference. I do believe that Max's progress has been so high due to the personal care and dedication applied by yourself. If anyone would like to phone me to discuss my experience you are more than welcome to pass on my number.

Thank you once again and I will be in touch in a few months.

Best Wishes

Marie Milner
December 2015